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Flash Solutions Private Limited was conceived with a vision to create a truly next generation, technology enabled distribution house that imbibe global standards. Flash aspires to create a network and pave path for global brands to make their presence felt across the length and breadth of Indian sub-continent.

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Our Advantages

With over 180 years of cumulative founding team's experience, Flash carries forward all its legacy learnings into day to day decision making and operations. We understand market patterns and hypothesize situations to arrive at objectivity in business operations. We strongly believe in empowering people across levels and standardization of operations to achieve scale. Our experience and beliefs contributed to our success in generating a USD 215 Mil business within a short span of 3 years.

India’s distribution space is changing rapidly and moving towards reduced layers (Factory —> ND —> ZD —> RDS —> Retailer —> Consumer) for movement of goods from Factory to Consumers. This change comes with a new challenge of being able to identify and work with partners of impeccable capability and integrity. Flash, through its internal scoring models and credit analytics has identified and onboarded India-wide network of partners. We aspire to be a brand which partners prefer to work unconditionally.

Distribution as a business deals with multiple brands, models, SKU’s and emotions. We understand that the risk is as much in clearance of stock as it is in driving and establishing brand. Our actions consider both the sides of relationship coin - brand relationship to increase business & footprint and partner relationships for better stock turn around. We believe in long term sustainability in business partnerships through 360 degree support.